What happened to uub

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Uub is a young boy with the vast power potential of Kid Buu, but with a noble heart. With Dragon Ball Supe r retconning GT out of existence, the crew behind all of the new Dragon Ball projects have a new opportunity to explore Uub"s growth and powers. They"ve started doing this to an extent in the manga, with recent chapters featuring a key cameo from Uub. Could Uub be the future of Dragon Ball? Uub might be one of the perfect vessels for Dragon Ball "s tradition of passing the torch. Until Supereach Dragon Ball series has focused on the next generation taking a stand.

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Dragon Ball Z starts with Gohan becoming a primary character. Dragon Ball GT starts with Pan"s adventures. In Superhowever, there hasn"t been such a generational shift yet. Uub"s vast potential might ultimately compare to that of later Dragon Ball Super characters.

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If Goku were to train him to live up to his incredible potential, it might result in a character stronger than the majority of heroes on the team. This means that his actions could influence future arcs due to his sheer power. While this was theoretically possible in Dragon Ball GTit was never realized. The closest he came to helping in GT was in the fight against Baby, but even then, he felt underused. Super should develop an arc centered around Uub"s training, especially with an external threat on the horizon.

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Since he would be training and developing alongside characters like Pan and potentially Marron and Bra, there would be a whole new generation of fighters to explore Beyond just his power, Uub could have a fascinating character arc. Uub at first would have to come to grips with his incredible and vast potential as a hero, but then he"d have to face his connections to Kid Buu. While the world has all but forgotten the existence of Kid Buu and how Earth was obliterated, Uub would have to learn sooner or later about his origins.

This conflict might be purely psychological or could perhaps bleed into the material world. Uub might follow the long tradition of anime protagonists with a super-powered evil side. Perhaps the Buu personality might manifest, resulting in Uub physically transforming into a half-human and half-Majin hybrid, comparable to the Saiyans and their Oozaru forms.

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New adversaries might try to take advantage of Uub the same way Babidi tried to exploit the original Majin Buu. If that were to happen, Uub"s internal struggle would not only be a powerful personal story but could tie into any potential future arc while also serving to make the antagonist a threat. In this sense, Uub really could establish the future of the Dragon Ball saga for years to come.

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Home Dragon Ball what happened to uub? Could this powerful yet underutilized character determine the future of Super? Uub vs.

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Buu, an Internal Struggle Beyond just his power, Uub could have a fascinating character arc.

What happened to uub

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What Happened to Uub in Dragon Ball Z?