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It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Submire Member. May 14, 5 0 Been a long time lover of Femboys, Traps, and Sissies in adult games and other places. I'm fine with any pairing really as long as the Trap is on the receiving side.

Thanks for reading and if you post with a suggestion thank you very much for the help! Vintrion Active Member. Sep 15, 39 1. There are about two patreon sissy games no one bothers to keep track of. The one named Sissy Maker about prepping a character for an eventual surgery to remove the dick.

The other sissy game is turning literal men into cross-dressing men, I don't know the title. Besides that, there's an influx of Sissy-themed games lately on tfgamessite. There is the currently text-only Trap Life about becoming more feminine, but major NPCs don't react negatively in any way, so the casual tone is that much harder to enjoy.

Magical Camp unfortunately set a standard for me that nothing can reach, and I've come to hate anything related to sissy content as a result. I'm still banking my hopes on Lilith's Throne as well.

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Edit: Sissy Maker, not Trainer. Last edited: Oct 20, Aug 13, All the best ones are Japanese and also untranslated for the most part.

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That said visual novel reader and even a casual understanding of some common phrases are enough to get by so don't let that scare you off. I liked that there was a red and a blue but the red was -named- blue. A few of the scenes on red's side were good; blue's not so much but mostly because the MC wasn't a convincing top so it just felt off. All the Otoko no Ko Club ones tend to be at least decent. Really, just hunt around on vndb and try stuff out. Vendrick Member.

Aug 26, 12 1. Vintrion said:.

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The other sissy game is turning literal men into cross-dressing men. Click to expand Tinman Well-Known Member. Aug 30, Perverted Education over on tfgamessite is one you'd probably like, and also one you probably already played if you played Magical Camp. There's also a couple of games there where a guy starts crossdressing to help a friend get more comfortable talking to women, but they're both early in development and I can't be bothered to remember their names.

Vendrick said:. Last edited: Oct 25, Mar 18, 4 2. Escort Dreams. Bumping up this thread since I'm even using it to keep track of junk I forget. Last edited: Jun 9, Yeah, sissy content sissy text game all kinds of terrible in terms of ways to phrase this kind of thing but for English-native content it's more common than trap material and technically hits a few of the appeals in passing. May 10, 3.

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A few of the scenes on red's side were good; blue's not so much but mostly because the MC wasn't a convincing top so it just felt off. I'll see if I can it for you in the next few days. It's on my old computer with a bad power supply so I'll need to do a bit of work to get to it. Found another link to it while looking for something else. Have you played a visual novel before? You need to set your system locale to Japanese.

There are a couple of common troubleshooting things you might try. Under that same menu go to the administrative tab, to the system locale, and change that to Japan and then restart. If you're running Windows 8 or 10 try compatibility mode, I know the game ran on Windows 7 but I'm not sure how well it works on a newer OS. Also right click on it and run it as an administrator. One or all sissy text game those usually solve such issues.

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Sissy text game

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Suggestions for Trap/Sissy Games?