Managements games for girls

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Time management games and activities are fun, enjoyable, but also eye-opening, as they correlate to your real-life time management skills.

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A time management game is a video or real-life game you can play alone or in a group — these games require you to meet certain objectives, in a specific order, but with limited time and resources. Most of these games are fast-paced and require you to plan and strategize, in order to use the limited resource and time as effectively as you can, before meeting the required objectives.

There are several benefits to playing time management games, both the video and the real-life variety:. Last but not least, most time management games are deed to help you understand the importance of time management and help you reassess your work routine.

For example, they can help you assess how your perception of time, organizational skills, and the understanding of whether your actions lead to your goals, may influence your work.

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Here are 14 engaging time management games and activities you can easily play with your team at the office — even when you experience Internet downtime or a blackout:. Great for: Figuring out how you and your colleagues perceive time. Great for: Recognizing optimal time for work. You can even post all your completed charts on a wall, so everyone will know when to call their co-workers, and for what type of tasks.

Great for: Finding a link between work performance and activities.

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Great for: Stressing the importance managements games for girls prioritizing. Great for: Understanding the importance of time management and proper organization. The other deck represents working on tasks in random order and with no time scheduled — the advantage of an organized, time blocked schedule should be obvious in the end. Great for: Understanding the importance of having clear goals in mind when planning activities.

Great for: Emphasizing the importance of using time wisely. Great for: Helping your team understand how much time you all have at your disposal to reach success. Great for: Teaching your team how better to delegate tasks. Great for: Teaching the team to understand the importance of scheduling their priority tasks first. The pebbles represent your less important tasks.

The sand represents everything else. By adding the golf balls first, you show that working on priority tasks is crucial for you. By adding the pebbles afterward, you show that you also have the tendency to save some time for other important tasks managements games for girls your life. Great for: Teaching the team how to analyze what their priorities are. Great for: Learning how best to deal with time wasters. You can play them in single-player or multiplayer mode, depending on the game and game type:. This top-selling game may not have started the time management genre, but it remains one of the more popular examples.

In this game, you play Flo, a hard worker who buys an old diner and has to make enough money to fix it up and expand her business. In all tasks, accuracy and speed are key — you earn points for all successful tasks, and if you perform the same set of tasks fast, you get combo bonuses. You also get color bonuses, if you manage to match customers and seats by color. Cake Mania is a series of games where you guide the baker Jill Evans, as she bakes cakes, runs her own bakery, and deals with tricky customers, business challenges, renovations, and time travel.

You can use the money you earn in the game to buy a new oven, a better frosting machine, a microwave, or faster shoes to help Jill keep up with her work. The game essentially follows the usual cooking game principle, but you have to do the cooking in absurd and unexpected kitchens such as Wizard schools :. When compared to the original game, this sequel offers additional interactive levels, restaurant themes, elaborate chef costumes, more cooking techniques, and more exciting recipes to prepare while the kitchen usually crumbles around you.

This is another game that requires fast and innovative thinking, as well as a good organization system:. If you manage to allocate your time and resources properly, you might actually help the city evacuate before the tidal disaster strikes. There once was a beautiful garden that brought joy to the people of the kingdom.

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But now, the dry summer has withered the said garden and the surrounding gardens, while the king has fallen ill. You take control over a game developer working in a start-up — your goal is to come up with hit video games and new consoles, perform fast and quality game development, win over the critics, and earn money. RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic is the remastered version of the original RollerCoaster Tycoon first released in and RollerCoaster Tycoon managements games for girls first released in games — it revolves around the creation and management of amusement parks.

This game from the creators of Diner Dash requires you to step into the shoes of Denise, a first-time office manager in charge of a group of 11 quirky coworkers. In the end, Miss Management may focus on the aspect of better time and resources management, but the developing story, with its amusing dialogues and characters, is the main draw of this particular game. Airport Rush is an airport management game where you play the traffic controller who has to manage the constant flow of airplanes and make sure no one crashes.

The gameplay is simple, and once again, you have to make sure you manage your work as fast and accurate as you can:. The better you are at these tasks, the higher your score will be — you can choose between 3 different terminals, each with its own quirks.

You play as Sally, whose job is to arrange saunas, manicures, baths, and massages for her clients in order to maintain and expand her business. The game offers 50 levels and 10 different locations, as well as many mini-games you can play to spice things up, such as mud masks, hot stones, bath bombs, and more. Theme Hotel is another great hotel-themed time management game that expects you to act as a capable manager and run everyday operations, in order to keep your customers happy and your staff productive.

Your main objective is to build and maintain a 5-star hotel from scratch, which is a gradual, but rewarding process in this 2D game:.

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Uncle George has left you his farm — but the farm is in bad shape and you have to use all your skills and help from companions to build a reputable farm business. The only twist to the usual formula is that you may suffer alien attacks from time to time.

At its core, Ranch Rush is a simple farm-related time management game that revolves around typical farm management activities you need to carry out in a timely manner:. Farm Frenzy is another great farming simulator with a time management twist that puts you in the shoes of a real farmer who has to manage the typical string of tasks around a farm. Each of the available levels is more challenging than the one and requires you to handle a specific task in order to progress, earn more money, and buy better equipment to make your life on the farm easier.

The gameplay of this fashionista game is simple — do what you can with the time you have to get your models to the catwalk:.

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You play as Dr. Allison Heart, a young doctor balancing her professional medical work with a complicated personal life — and both will culminate in a fire situation at her hospital. Playing video time management games can be equally eye-opening. The table of contents What are time management games? Why play time management games? About the Author: Marija Kojic. Marija Kojic is a productivity writer who's always researching about various productivity techniques and time management tips in order to find the best ones to write about.

She can often be found testing and writing about apps meant to enhance the workflow of freelancers, remote workers, and regular employees.

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Managements games for girls

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