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Any of you played either of those games before? Or would you recommend some other games? Out of a lot of survival games, this one actually has you building up defenses because you will need to defend yourself at night. There was talk of "The Green Hell" being an expansion pack to the forest but last I checked it was a stand alone game. Raft is a great game as well. Out in the ocean surviving and building. Also have a shark who keeps attacking that you have to occasionally fight. I was hesitant to get into it after hearing it was still "alpha" development but it runs nicely on ps4.

I use my old ps4 to host server for my friends. Very long game with lo of stuff: dungeons, bosses, dino breeding, base defence, PvE, PvP, tribes. You can sink years into this. Adult minecraft with zombies and guns.

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Very fun, increasing difficulty as ingame time goes by. May I ask you how you set up your own server, because i want to do it myself but don't know how. Everything I've played of Fallout 76 so far has felt a lot like The Forest. I know people like to hate on FO76 a lot, but it's got some solid gameplay, and like most recent BGS games it will probably have it's major problems fixed and be a huge hit within a year.

Other games like The Forest? Posted by 3 years ago. Sort by: best. Subnautica is also a favourite around here.

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Have you tried ark? The Long Dark. Continue this thread. You would probably enjoy 7 days to die as well. More posts from the TheForest community.

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Games like the forest reddit

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Games similar to The Forest?